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Sembuwatta Lake, Elkaduwa
Sembuwatta Lake, Elkaduwa

Located just 22 km from the Kandy city, Elkaduwa estate is an ideal place for relaxing, Nature walks, photography and sightseeing. Elkaduwa estate is situated on the western side of the knuckles mountain range. Elkaduwa belongs to Matale district of Central province.

One of the main attractions of Elkaduwa is the Sembuwatta Lake, which is created from natural spring water. Sembuwatta Lake is believed to be 30 to 40 feet deep (According to locals). Along side of the Sembuwatta Lake there is a natural swimming pool, consisting of natural spring water, which has captured the hearts of many nature lovers.
InterestPhotography, Scenery,
Coordinates7.43656 , 80.699043
Elevation1072 m
Nearest CityMatale
Tips- Lake is believed to be 30 feet deep.
- Pool consists of natural spring water, This area belongs to Elkaduwa plantation,please protect the environment

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